Halle Berry Responds to Being Told She Can't Keep a Man & Paying Child Support

Halle Berry found herself responding to internet trolls after sharing an empowering quote for women on Instagram.

"Women don't owe you s***," the quote read, gaining cosigns from other celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen and Tia Mowry.

While many supported Halle's post, others took it as an opportunity to criticize the Oscar winner's dating history.

"You're right, men definitely don't owe women anything, same as women don't owe men anything. @halleberry you may have to start looking in the mirror, because it's definitely you," one user commented. "What is it you're doing wrong? With all of your accomplishments, fame, beauty, it seems, as if, you CAN'T keep a man. I get the feeling that you're too controlling, demanding, and probably full of your self. IDK.... but it's definitely you. Ask yourself, what is it that you're doing wrong?"

Rather than ignore the negative remarks, the actress replied, "Who said I wanted to keep them? I'm all about living your best life, if you make a wrong move, course correct and re-spin and start again!"

After another troll commented, "Says the women who can't keep a man," Berry wrote, "Who says I want to keep the wrong man cuz...I don't."


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