Dallas City Council provides COVID-19 relief

Dallas, Texas – The Dallas City Council took swift action to provide COVID-19 relief to city of Dallas residents on Wednesday, April 22, 2020. Council voted on items providing up to $18.4 million which resulted from the two new Ad Hoc COVID-19 Committees. In addition to providing rental assistance and small business relief, a majority of council members also supported measures preventing eviction. Mortgage/Rental Assistance The Mortgage and Rental Assistance program passed by Council will offer $6.1 million in rental and mortgage aid. Combined with services and programs that already exist within the city, $13.7 million is available. Assistance will provide up to $1,500 for a maximum of three months per eligible household. To qualify for the pre-screening process, applicants must be City of Dallas residents who lost their jobs or were furloughed due to COVID-19. The Mortgage and Rental Assistance program is a collaboration between the Office of Community Care and the Office of Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization. The program is expected to open during the first week of May. “COVID-19 has created an unprecedented challenge for our economy, putting a strain on many of Dallas’ working families and small business owners, all of whom are struggling just to make ends meet,” said Dr. Eric Anthony Johnson, Chief of Economic Development and Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization. “We are invested in the City of Dallas, its residents, and businesses, and remain committed to the recovery long-term. While this stimulus support will not eliminate all of the hurdles that lie ahead, we hope it will provide some relief for those affected most by this pandemic.”

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